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The pioneer in the tech-market

For believers in the classic strategies of the major record companies, Manfred Eicher makes with his ECM-label since 45 years everything wrong, what can be made wrong. He doesn’t  even have a “normal” office. Nevertheless no other label is that successful. First published July 31st, 2013


Canapés, wine and jazz legends in the living room

The legendary MPS-label turns 50. I rode along with it for 27 years.

First published April 9th, 2018


Leave your tux and gown in the cloakroom

Exit the concert hall – enter the club. How a blessed sacrilege became a prized new institution of the classical scene. The story of the Yellow Lounge and how it brought a new generation into ‘old’ music and ‘old’ music into new venues. First published August 19, 2013.