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The mysterious genius of Claus Ogerman

How a hero and legend became a collaborator


The pioneer in the tech-market

For believers in the classic strategies of the major record companies, Manfred Eicher makes with his ECM-label since 45 years everything wrong, what can be made wrong. He doesn’t  even have a “normal” office. Nevertheless no other label is that successful. First published July 31st, 2013


Canapés, wine and jazz legends in the living room

The legendary MPS-label turns 50. I rode along with it for 27 years.

First published April 9th, 2018


Visits with a ghost

João Gilberto, the legendary singer and inventor of Bossa Nova, is usually invisible. Even close friends and family rarely have access to him. Why did he make an exception with me?Was it only a dream? First published on November 26, 2013.


Reworking the Classics

“Recomposed” was a series of Deutsche Grammophon releases that took creative liberties with famed classical works. I recall it with pleasure and pride. Originally published on Oct 1st, 2013.